The new Special LSA category offers unprecedented flexibility in aircraft choices ranging from rag and tube J3 Cub replicas (Just Aircraft) to conventional and tricycle gear and even amphibians.  Construction can be all metal or composite (StingSport) or a combination of both.  Aircraft designs can look similar to a Cessna in high wing configurations (CZAW Parrot & Fantasy Air Allegro) or to Piper’s low wing (Aerostar Festival R40S & CZAW SportCruiser) or some very unusual designs like the Russian Sigma.  Some old friends become eligible to be flown as LSA aircraft: Ercoupe 415-C, J3 Cub and Aeronca’s Chief and Champ.  Check the Aircraft link above to see examples.   There is already something for most everyone's taste and pocket book with more coming!

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CZAW SportCruiser III

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Wing Sport Aviation a sport!  Fly Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

Carbon Fiber StingSport

WingSport provides access to the most exciting light sport aircraft available today.  We will be opening a new operations center near Phoenix Arizona in 2008.

See pictures of aircraft  we have delivered in the 2006-2007 timeframe.

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WingSport has moved!  We have ceased operations in North Carolina and have relocated to the Phoenix, AZ area.  Stay tuned to this website for news of our progress starting up in this new area.  Currently we no long provide LSA training in Charlotte, NC area. .


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Aerostar Festival R40S

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